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We are writing this blog post regarding a question we receive very often, 

"Why did I receive the wrong size?"

It may actually not be a wrong size, but just DO NOT fit properly, and in rare situations like this, we are more than happy to reship a smaller/bigger size that will fit you. You don't pay for size exchanges. Please continue reading to learn more why sometimes the items may have a tag different from what you ordered. 

Thank you so much for showing interest in our merchandise and shopping with us.  Please note that in the order confirmation and shipping emails we specify that the clothing tags may be different from the size you ordered but will most likely fit properly. For example if you ordered a size S, the item, especially tops may have a size L label but they actually fit like a regular size S. This is because we serve a global customer base and different countries may have different size units from those on our clothing labels, so before items leave our warehouses, we convert them to the customer's country size standards to make sure the customers receives the products that fits them properly. And in case you the item don't fit like you would like it to, we offer FREE EXCHANGES so that means you can request a smaller/bigger size and we will ship that to you. To do so, please just send us an email to support@shopamapparel.com.

Thank you for your understanding.

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